Introducing 2018's Bunny of the Year, Emily Cassie

Playboy Club London VIP hostess Emily Cassie has been repping the Rabbit ever since she began toting a Playboy purse at the age of 12. In February 2018, we made the brand ambassadorship official by crowning her Bunny of the Year, and the Croydon-bred beauty has fully embraced her new role. In July, we commemorated her first trip across the pond with a sexy old-Hollywood-inspired shoot in Los Angeles, the stunning results of which appear on But for Emily, the recognition that comes with being a Bunny extends beyond glitz and glamour to pride in a community that celebrates individualism and camaraderie in equal measure. “So many iconic people have worn the Bunny suit,” she says. “To be one of them is really powerful.” Cheers to that.

Emily Cassie Is Playboy's 2018 Bunny of the Year
Playboy Club London

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